Hd Gear Net Scale Bundle Green

HD Gear Net & Scale Bundle - Green

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The Tackle HD landing net is a must have for any person who enjoys fishing. With 4 different colors available, you can easily see these nets while trying to land your fish. Made with a durable elastic rubber mesh that is 12 inches deep, these nets are extremely durable and will hold up to the abuse that tournament anglers put them through.

The tournament scale boasts tons of features that are not offered on most scales for the price. The scale is water resistant. It comes with an attached pair of gripper-lock pliers, so the fish remain unharmed. It is equipped with a ten fish logging option which allows you to see how much weight you in the live well easily. It is also equipped with rubber side grips to keep the scale in your hands while weighing your fish. Made in a bright green Tackle HD Green so you can easily locate it in your boat when needed.