Hi-Def Craw

HD Swimmer

The Swimmer uses the same proprietary plastic formulation used in the Hi-Def Craw that creates neutral buoyancy and tremendous durability. The Tackle HD Swimmer’s design was based on input from our professional staff who outlined the features necessary to produce not only an effective and unique product, but a bait that generates a steady HD swim action proven to trigger strikes when conditions are difficult.

HD Buzzer

The Buzzer was created to be the most versatile buzz bait ever produced. The key features start with the head design. The acoustic channel lets the blade bounce off of the head, creating a unique sound that triggers fish to bite. Moving down the bait, we have a large skirt keeper, a lead bait keeper followed up with a wire bait keeper. All of this is mounted on a Mustad Ultra Point hook and Pro Series skirt.

HD Hellgrammite

Designed in part by Mother Nature, 3D scans of real Hellgrammites were used to create a convincing, realistic imitation that functions perfectly as bait without sacrificing high definition detail. The HD Hellgrammite will look like a large dinner to hungry fish as its natural motion mimics that of a real Hellgrammite.