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Worldwide Buzzer Gold Series Black 1 2 Oz

Worldwide Buzzer Gold Series Black 1/2 oz 1/Pack

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The "Worldwide Buzzer" is a unique buzz bait designed with Topwater Guru, James "Worldwide" Watson. It was created to be the most versatile buzz bait ever produced. The key features start with the head design. The acoustic channel lets the blade bounce off of the head, creating a unique sound that triggers fish to bite. Moving down the bait, we have a large skirt keeper, a lead bait keeper followed up with a wire bait keeper. All of this is mounted on a Mustad Ultra Point hook and Pro Series skirt.

This versatile Buzzer can be fished right out of the box but excels with a swim bait trailer, toad, or your favorite soft plastic.

Go to our Blog page to see the Worldwide Buzzer in action. Turn up the sound!